How our design process works

We’ve divided our design process into five stages which you can see a summary of here. Then further down the page you can see our fees for each stage and an indication of when they’d happen.

1. External design

With this stage you participate fully in the design process.

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The local planning authority need to have a good idea what you want for the outside of your building, and the impact it might have on your neighbours. Our External Design stage gets your ideas in front of a Planning Officer quickly for initial advice. With our approach you participate fully in the design process. We’ll listen to your ideas for your project then sit together and create 3-dimensional visuals of your proposed building on screen. By modelling different ideas and options with you in your home, we work together to get the best result for how you live.

2. Internal design

We’ll try options together on screen seeing how it could feel to be in your new space.

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Once you’ve had a positive early response from the planning authorities you can have the confidence to get on with the really important part – how the house functions around you. Of course it has to look great, but really needs to work well too. We’ll spend more time together so we can model options for laying out the space. By working together on screen you’re ‘experiencing’ the space before it’s built allowing us to get instant feedback and try out ideas ‘on the fly’.

3. Planning

Whether you need planning permission or a certificate of lawful development we’ll take the strain.

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When sending drawings to the Local Authority for Planning Permission or Certificate of Lawful Development the drawings should be fully accurate and
up to date.

Having been through the 3D design process our Planning stage takes your project forward, providing plans and elevations and application to the Local Authority.

The drawings produced at our Planning stage will also provide the level of detail to take forward to the Building Regulations stage.

4. Building Regulations

You’ll need local authority approval and detailed information for builders.

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In order to provide drawings which can be passed by Building Control you must give detailed information showing how you will be constructing your new building. This includes building materials, insulation, fire safety and much more – our Building Regulations stage takes care of all this. For builders to provide an accurate price they also need to see detailed drawings and construction notes showing exactly what they’ll be building. This is all included in our Building Regulations stage along with preparing the Building Regulations application and answering any questions.

5. Contract administration

We can help you choose the right builder, arrange contracts and help your project run smoothly.

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Do you want help choosing the right builder? Do you want help with the contract between you and the builder? Our Contract Administration stage allows us to work as a qualified troubleshooter throughout your project, helping the project to run smoothly. We can support you by preparing and managing the Tender/pricing process, advising on builder selection, preparing contract documents between you and your builder and dealing with administrating that contract.

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Time line and pricing for a single storey project.


These stages may be subject to change depending on many factors, including client decision time, planning, availability of builders, weather conditions etc. There may be additional third party costs for consultants such as Measured Survey Drawings, Structural Engineers, Health and Safety Consultancy, Heat Loss Consultancy and Party Wall Surveyors.

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