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It's not just about the buildings, it's about how you live and work...

Why our approach is different

Getting to the right design solution for you, quickly and effectively, is the key. Many people struggle to visualise architects plans, and are frustrated by a lack of involvement and input in the process.
That's why we've developed a new approach which means we spend quality time designing WITH you, not from a remote location designing FOR you. This benefits you because:
• The process is simplified
• We can find out what you need quickly
• You can easily visualise options
• You can make informed decisions

Your needs at the centre

Our focus is on you as the client because it's YOUR project, YOUR family home. At PPA Architecture we really understand this, and love the challenge of getting it right for you.
• No storage?
• Kids tripping over each other in the hall?
• Living space too small for modern living?
• Not enough light and space?
• All these, and many other situations can create conflict
• The good news - they can be fixed

Fixed prices & our guarantee

We guarantee that you'll always have the experience and professionalism of the director's attention at all stages of the project, incorporating over 20 years of experience in Oxford. We do this in order to maintain quality as this is YOUR home and YOUR investment. What we deliver is fantastic value, providing wonderful spaces to live in for years to come.
For all projects you'll know before you start what your costs will be and when they'll be incurred.
Project build costs range from £10,000 to £1,500,000 so call us to chat about yours.